5 ways to gain weight

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We all know the goal of bodybuilding is to build more muscle mass. At first, gaining muscle is not that hard because of the “newbie gains” involved. After that initial period, many bodybuilders find it difficult to gain any weight at all. Here are 5 ways to gain more weight.

Emphasize the Negative:

Much of the emphasis for many bodybuilders is soley concentrating on the way up, concentric, portion of the repetition.  However, much can be gained by treating the eccentric or on the way down portion of the rep.  This forcibly stretches and lengthens the muscle fibers leading to increased micro tears in the tissue. When healed, these micro tears result in new lean muscle mass.

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Lift Explosively:

Not only will this increase your training intensity, but it is an easy way to burst through weight plateaus. The increased speed of the reps will lead to more muscle recruitment and more force generation. The more force you can create, the more weight you will gain.

Periodically Increase Your Caloric Intake:

Consuming the same amount of calories everyday will put your body in a state of equilibrium. Your body will get used to the amount of calories you are eating, and won’t feel the need to put extra calorie energy into making new muscle mass. An easy solution to this problem is to increase your caloric intake every few days. This will give your body the extra calories to build more muscle mass.


Rest is one of the most important components of gaining weight. Without proper rest, your body will not be working at optimal conditions leading to more anabolism. Getting adequate rest allows your body to recover faster, so you can have more intense workouts.


Adding supplements into your diet can take your body to the next level. However, there is no miracle pill out there. Supplements can not take the place of proper training, rest, and nutrition. The staples of any bodybuilding supplement program includes whey protein, creatine, glutamine, and multi vitamins.