What flooring to chose for a homegym?

When fitness enthusiasts build a home gym, they often get stuck on the question of what material to buy for their flooring. After spending so much time picking out all the proper exercise equipment, it is important not to forget about this last crucial step. Exercise equipment can ruin the flooring of your home if you’re not careful. Here are three common choices.

Rubber Gym Flooring#1 – Rubber flooring
Rubber is often a popular choice for home gym flooring. It’s extremely functional and durable. If you choose rubber for your home gym, you have several options available.

You could get a large rubber roll. This generally requires you to measure and cut the rubber yourself. A difficult task to say the least, but the results look great if it is done correctly.

You could also buy individual rubber mats to place under each piece of equipment. These are probably the easiest to implement, and are extremely functional.

Interlocking rubber mats are also a great choice. If your goal is to cover a large area without having to measure and cut a large piece of rubber, interlocking rubber mats are your best choice.

Foam Gym Flooring#2 – Foam flooring
If you want your home gym floor to provide you with great cushioning, then foam might be the best option to look into. You can generally find foam as interlocking tiles or as individual mats.

Despite the advantage of providing more cushion and shock absorption, foam generally isn’t as durable as rubber. Often it can tear, leaving your gym looking unsightly.

Foam is also available in several different styles including interlocking tiles, mats and large pieces. The interlocking pieces tend to curl and stop fitting together very well over time though.

Carpet Tiles#3 – Carpet tiles
A third option is carpet. Many people choose carpet as a compromise between the durability of rubber and the shock absorption of foam. Carpet tiles are just like rubber and foam, in that they can be arranged into any configuration that pleases you. You could cover the whole floor with them or arrange them under each machine.

Another advantage of carpet tiles is their resistance to moisture. If a carpet tile is stained or wet, simply remove and clean with a hose. Let it dry in the sun and quickly replace it with no long term problems.

Carpet tiles are often chosen by people who want more control over the style and look of their gym. A lot of people complain that foam and rubber come in a limited variety of colors. If you choose carpet tiles, you can usually find a style that compliments the rest of the room.