Bodybuilding Diets

1. Have mainly low GI carbohydrates

If you have low GI carbs instead of high GI carbs, then you won’t spike your insulin levels, which is a good thing because insulin is a hormone that makes your body store fat!

And this is where a lot of guys sabotage their bodybuilding, by having refined carbs like sugar, white bread, potatoes, most rice, fruit juice, soft drinks and processed foods that will send their insulin levels through the roof.

Instead have the foods that are low GI. What are these? Some examples are vegetables, beans and fruit, low GI rice (Basmati or Japanese short grain), and low GI bread (multigrain or sourdough).

For more, see this page on low GI carbohydrates.

2. Lean sources of protein

Yes, you’d know that proteins are important for bodybuilding and recovery after a workout. But which proteins are the best?

Well, the lean proteins are the best ones. They’re great for muscle building and to maintain a high metabolism.

You can take whey protein shakes if you want, but the best sources of lean protein in the diet are eggs, yoghurt, tofu, fish and lean chicken.

Avoid too much of the fatty proteins such as cheese and red meat, as they’ll add too much of the “bad” fats into the diet.

3. The good fats (rather than the bad fats)

Have the good oils, and you’ll have a healthy heart, as well as help your body burn fat.

Which are they? These are the fish oils (as in salmon and tuna) and the monounsaturated oils such as extra virgin olive oil that you can have in your salad or in your cooking.

Not all oils are bad, you’ve just got to know which are the good ones to have.

So there you go.

These are some simple but useful tips to point you in the right direction when it comes to a diet that will help you with your bodybuilding results.

The best advice I’ve found on diet is in the bodybuilding routines that work.

The reason why I have the 3 top programs listed on my home page is that every one of them have a very clear and useful explanation of the diet that’s great for your bodybuilding to gain muscle and lose fat.

So go ahead and combine a great diet with a great bodybuilding workout.

When you do this, your results will be very impressive.