Bodybuilding post workout supplements

Training, especially intense body subject to particular stress, which requires a special nutrition immediately after this time. You have so-called “anabolic window”, when your body can use up nutrients, both for muscle growth and fat burning. Under various names, from PWO (post workout shake) to WG (weight-gainer), this combination of nutrients must be in the forefront of your concerns after you set up your training program and diet.

After supplement with vitamins and mineral supplement after a workout is probably the most important dietary supplement that you can get. Can go and on a simple, with a meal after a workout but special needs are best covered by supplements specially designed for this purpose.

Good post workout supplement contain:

Water. 500-1000ml. Hydration is very important and nutrients in water shakes need to be processed.

Carbohydrates. It prefers glucose (dextrose) or carbohydrate generators glucose (maltodextrin). Glucose will refill muscle and liver glycogen will trigger insulin secretion, helping muscle protein synthesis. Depending on the objectives and type of diet you go on 20-60g of carbohydrate immediately after exercise.

It seems that an optimal solution is a combination of maltodextrin (or vitargo, waxymize) and dextrose. Sugar, milk, honey or fruits are best because the fructose content. You can eat pasta, rice, potatoes, but usually they are digested speed is too low for maximum effect that you want it.

Proteins and amino acids for muscle growth and reconstruction. Are best whey protein supplements, because it absorbs quickly.

One has the best quality with hydrolyzed whey formulas, then those isolated from whey. Even if, theoretically, have a low biological value, collagen, gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen can help greatly in restoring joint and I recommend the inclusion of at least 5g of these sources, necessarily accompanied by digestive enzymes.

Concentrates or supplements very cheap (soy) should be avoided after exercise. Can be very useful and amino acids, especially glutamine. Some supplements also contain digestive enzymes included, to increase absorption rate and quantity of amino acids reaching the blood. After training is rather small-medium amount of protein, so that they could not get fuel. So we have 15-30g of protein (also includes free amino acids or peptides contained in some advanced products).

Is to avoid simple protein without carbohydrate after a workout that will be decomposed and used as energy source. Rather than take a pure protein shake with better eat some pretzels. It is cheaper and more efficient.

Fat. In general, types of fat rather easy to assimilate, such as MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides), coconut oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, milk and cream, lecithin (helps the emulsification of fat shakes). Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), along with antioxidant effect and improves insulin use so you can get the same benefit by using a smaller amount of carbohydrates. Generally encountered in small quantities after a workout, even to those who want to lose weight, because they can slow the absorption of carbohydrates and protein. Also, the large layer of fat people already have raised blood fat during training.

Mineral. During training can remove greater quantities of minerals, both through sweat and urine. These minerals must be replaced, especially electrolytes (sodium, potassium), calcium, magnesium.

Vitamins. Are generally administered in the morning or before workout (for energizing and antioxidant effect), but may be taken after training.

Creatine: the most known and used supplement specifically help restore muscle, increase in strength, increase in muscle volume. It may include 5-10g shake after the workout.

Other Ingredients: BCAA, taurine, HMB, various other amino acids.

So the ideal is that immediately after your workout to take an extra 20-60g of carbohydrate and protein 15-30. Ectomorfii carbohydrates can increase the dose depending effects and how they feel after a workout. If the next meal is at less than an hour, make double and drinking half a shake immediately after training and half after 30-60 minutes. If you want to burn fat when the amount of carbohydrates (especially dextrose) should be reduced.

There are supplements on the market ready by specialized companies. If they match your requirements you can choose one. However, increasingly more people buy the ingredients separately and mix them in proprotiile desired ideal targets. Also, avoid chemical additives (dyes, sweeteners, flavorings, preservatives) are often present in supplements ready.

Supplement your own cocktail shaker with you (without water) and you can add the water immediately before eating. To optimize the assimilation time you start drinking it even before he finished training, especially if proteins are contained absorption slower than it should.

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