Beet Juice & Bodybuilding?

Before going to the gym would not be bad to you prepare a red beet juice, which scientists have discovered that make muscles more efficient.

According to researchers at the University of Exeter, this type of drink nourishes the muscles, causing them to operate more efficiently and increasing their strength, reports the Daily Mail.

A study last year showed that tomato juice vegetables increases muscle strength. This research was performed on subjects aged between 19 and 38 years, subjected to different exercise intensities.

Showed that half liter of red beet juice daily for a week, increased endurance 16% subjects, their taking them longer to get tired.

The explanation is that the researchers doubled the amount of nitrates drink the blood of volunteers, reducing the rate at which muscles use their own energy sources. Thus, oxygen and reach for more time.

The discovery could make beetroot juice to be used in rooms where professional athletes are training, is mentioned in the journal Journal of Applied Physiology.