Cellucor NO Extreme Pre Workout Review


So I have been taking Cellucor N0 Extreme for the past week. My buddy gave we a weeks cycle worth of the fruit punch. I have been taking BSN’s No Xplode for a while now, so I thought I would mix it up and try something new.

I really like this product. It is comparable to No Xplode in every category including focus, vascularity, and energy. The one spot that N0 Extreme excels is in the duration that I feel its effects. I can feel that surge in energy during the course of my entire workout unlike No Xplode whose effects usually die out in about 45 minutes. Even though N0 doesn’t contain as much caffeine as NO Xplode, it does contain beta alanine, which is my new favorite supplement. Beta alanine delays muscle fatigue and allows you to train longer and harder.

I think this is a good supplement to try if you are looking for a new pre workout. So if your on a budget I recommend No Xplode, but if you can some extra cash to spend, I suggest you try out N0 Extreme.

I have not taken Cellucor N0 extreme yet, but I will be trying it out after I have used up all my NO-Xplode. The reason I am righting this review right now is because I have heard great things about it. There is a huge buzz around this product and I am excited to see what results anyone has gotten from it.

My friends have told me that it is the best pre training supplement they have tried and it blows BSN’s product away. The only bad thing however is the price. You get 36 packets for $70 (dosage: 2 packets pre training), but you can use coupons to save a little cash.

I am looking forward to see what results people have gotten using Cellucor N0 Extreme so please write some reviews. I will give it ratings of 3′s across the board until I have tried it.