Jack3d from Vitamin World

This advanced pre workout supplement gets mixed reviews due to the intensity and pump that it provides short after consuming Jack3d. If this is what you are looking for then definitely give it a try, but if you are only looking for something that gives a slight boost you should try something else like Amino Energy. USP Labs claims that their scientists have worked long and hard on this product creating something that won’t be found anywhere else. I can agree with this statement that it is quite unlike any other that I have tried, and awesome for a tough day lifting. I would not advise using this if you are looking for a boost before going for a run or some other type of high intensity workout as it really gets your heart rate up.

Kind in mind that this “advanced formula” is a new version of Jack3d since their last product was actually removed from the market after DMAA was banned. This used to be a problem, but is not used anymore so you don’t need to worry about college sports or any other type of drug testing. The new formula still has a great kick, but without the dangerous substance.

Another issue that you should be aware of is since this pre workout supplement has a significant amount of energy boosters inside of it, it is sometimes difficult to get to sleep within a few hours of taking it. I would recommend that you don’t use it anytime after dinner or for evening workouts or you won’t be able to sleep. This is counterproductive to your lifting as your body needs the rest just as much as it needs to be exercised.

In conclusion, I would give this a try if you are looking for an intense pump while working out. This is ideal for bodybuilding and other types of heavy lifting that don’t require too much cardio and intense bursts of aerobic activity. Otherwise there are many other options on the market that are much better and more flexible.

I really enjoy drinking this pre workout since it actually tastes good and is not overpowering. Adding it to a large glass of water gives it enough flavor to taste good without being overwhelming. It is definitely a refreshing drink that is not loaded with sugars and other fake sweeteners. As far as flavors go my favorite is Lemon Lime but the others are acceptable as well.

Benefits of a good Bodybuilding pre-workout

Why Should You Use A Pre Workout Supplement?

There are many benefits that a pre workout can provide when used correctly. It is the staple of many individuals fitness regiments and can make a huge change in your attendance to the gym. Lets face it, everyone has been there many times where you know you should go for a run, do some push ups, or head to the local gym but you just couldn’t find the energy to do it. Using a pre workout supplement will flip this upside down and you will be active more often that you would expect. This is because of the following advantages that this type of product will provide which are explained on this page.

They Will Help You:

  • Be lively and energetic resulting in a more positive attitude
  • Have enough energy and motivation to exercise daily
  • Increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories
  • Keep clear and focused state of mind

Energy and Focus

woman doing yoga outsideThere are a few different types of energy ingredients such as caffeine, taurine and a large amount of Vitamin B12. This will help to wake you back up after a long day at the office or bright and early in the morning. Either of these times are acceptable to add a pre workout into your schedule to improve your health and fitness. It takes about 15 minutes for everything to start working so by the time you are in the car and heading to your workout destination you will be ready to hit your workout hard. The drink itself will be enough motivation to prepare you for a great 30 minutes of building a rock solid body. The added benefit from the stimulants is that it will help you stay focused on your goals and complete the routine with vigor.


guy doing a pull upNow that you are wide awake and ready to lift some weights or go for a run your body needs to be on the same page. The nitric oxide that is found in many leading brands will be at work expanding your blood carrying vessels which is loaded with oxygen and nutrients. Your muscles need these essentials to be able to complete work and will feel tired if they are deprived of these basics. Fortunately that will not be an issue after finishing a mixture as your muscles will be stoked and well prepared to carry you through your exercise for however long it might be. The extra creatine in it will also provide more water to your cells allowing them to work harder and more efficiently. It is a common occurrence that the cells will go into an anaerobic state and begin to produce lactic acid which will make you feel tired and sore if they are not well fed.


slim belly with measuring tapeA pre workout will push your body into a thermogenic state where your metabolic rate is heightened and working effectively. This will help with a few things including burning off fat and converting it to useful energy. It is often though that these type of supplements are only good if you are a body builder and trying to increase mass but this is definitely not true as it will help any individual move closer to their goals regardless if it is gaining or losing weight or just becoming more healthy in general. Combining this product with proper nutrition and a well planned out workout routine will provide amazing results.


clear mindIt has been proven that individuals who spend time workout out or being active and outside are more effective in their daily lives. This is mostly because the body is working most efficiently when it is pushed a bit and working hard. This will help your professional life making you more effective at your job by keeping you energized throughout the day. It has also been shown to have great effects on keeping the brain healthy reducing the effects of memory loss. Keeping your mind and body healthy will have a positive influence on your life for many years.

Vitamin World Legion Pulse Supplement

The Pulse pre workout by Legion Athletics is one of the hottest products on the market right now due to its focus on natural ingredients for health conscious individuals. It provides a steady supply of energy without the peaks and crashes associated with most other supplements that provide an overdose of stimulants to give you that boosted up feeling. Focusing mostly on beta-alanine and betaine this pre workout supplement will help you work harder in the gym lifting a higher amount of weight for a longer period of time. Most of the ingredients included in this supplement have been proven effective at providing the desired effects while leaving out any unheard of miracle chemicals. Everything is natural so you can feel a little better about taking this product in comparison to some of the other less reliable ones available on the market.Let’s start by talking about some of the included ingredients for Pulse which has created a very effective pre workout supplement utilized by many gym goers today:

  • Citrulline Malate – Increases endurance and reduces fatigue while enhancing respitory performance.
  • Ornithine – Shifts the bodies method of energy production towards fat and away from carbohydrates available in the body. Basically helps to generate energy and performance from fat helping in reduction of fat and lean muscle building.
  • Beta-alanine – Increases amount of weight that can be lifted by reducing the effect of exhaustion on the muscles
  • Theanine – A precursor to nitric oxide production in the body which stimulates vasodialation and delivery of nutrients at a cellcular level. Also increases blood flow to the brain helping mood and motivatin.
  • Caffeine – Because every pre workout supplement needs a little energy to get you going, but not an absurd amount.

I like this pre workout supplement since you won’t find any proprietary blends on the label or artificial flavors and sweeteners. This product is naturally sweetened and has a low amount of calories making it perfect for any diet. This will help you stay focused on your healthy lifestyle and give you the energy and motivation you need to exercise effectively at the gym every day. Most fitness fanatics will turn a blind eye to all of the chemicals and other ingredients that they can’t read on a label just like myself, but when you really take a look at this why are you even consuming it? Just because it makes it easier to get in a good workout I guess, but this can be counter intuitive if what you are consuming is hurting you in the long run. I would recommend that you give this pre workout supplement a try as it should be enough to encourage good exercise and help you work towards your goals. It is definitely a great product but the price tag is a bit high, hopefully that will be fixed in the near future. Legion may change the landscape of pre workout supplements a bit by promoting a more natural ingredients based product. This is especially important since everyone is so careful about what they eat and can’t find a good solution at the store when trying to choose a pre workout. It is difficult to exercise without one due to how busy and tired you are by the end of the day at work so most people will use one regardless of the ingredients. If you are like me and enjoy a little extra focus prior to completing a workout then give this product a shot.

Vitamin World Iron Pump

Developed by MusclePharm, Iron Pump is endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and is designed to let you enjoy that totally pumped feeling throughout your workout. Iron Pump is formulated to be the best muscle building and pre-workout pump product on the market. You’ll see muscle fullness and veins that you never knew you had. Plus, you’ll get the benefits of energy and stamina.

Iron Pump utilizes ION-3 Nitrate technology to open up the blood pathways leading into the muscles. What this means for you is that your muscles get more oxygen, more blood flow, and more nutrients, leading to better results without even changing your workout routine. This highly absorbable nitrate will also activate smooth tissue regeneration, helping you to heal faster and go farther in your workout routine. Plus, it supports healthy hormone growth levels, unlike inferior supplements.

Is Iron Pump Safe to Take?

There are some supplements at Vitamin World Coupon that are touted as safe for regular use, but end up being anything but healthy. The nitric oxide blend in Iron Pump is already naturally-occurring in the body. It is enhanced with natural vitamins and minerals that support energy and adrenaline. For ingredients, you’ll find Hawthorn Berry, Beet Root, and the ION-3 Nitrate technology. As for nutritional information, Iron Pump only has 5 calories, 1g of carbs, and is packed with Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, and even has some calcium. Best of all, it’s creatine-free. It’s natural, safe for your body, and supports overall health—not just pre- and post-workout recovery.

Does it really work?

If you’re tired of working out and not getting the results you want, it could be worth your while to give Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Iron Pump a try. It really is unlike most other supplements out there. It delivers the explosive energy you need along with the oxygen and nutrients your body needs to get the most out of your workout. Because it supplements your workout before and after, you won’t have to worry about taking lots of other formulas. It’s a pretty straight-forward workout supplement.

As with most other workouts, you’ll have to use this in moderation. After 4-6 weeks, you’ll really start seeing some improvement in your muscle tone and vascularity. The results are really unique in comparison to using just protein shakes and energy drinks. You’ll love what you see in the mirror, and the feeling you get when you carry that muscle pump with you all day. All in all, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Iron Pump is worth a try.

Success with Vitamins

Success is not only dependant on your diet. You need to have a strict training routine, a well balanced diet and access to top quality supplements. This will ensure that you reach your best shape ever and thereby accomplishing your personal goals. Vitamin World Coupon is dedicated to provide you with the best advice on your diet and training routine and also offer you top quality supplements that will meet your needs.

The products we sell have been scientifically designed to be effective, safe and guaranteed quality. We offer mass builders, fat burners and anabolic supplements of all kinds. We have the tools to help you succeed in sculpting your body beyond normal levels. Our prices are among the lowest and we have experts ready to help you.

When it comes to training and supplementation we believe that you need to be well informed in order to reach your goals and continue to improve your physique. With many years of experience in the industry we are able to offer you expert advice and we are always happy to answer your questions. We aim to keep you informed and motivated and to offer you the best products and services available.

At Vitamin World Coupon we aim to offer all our visitors with the best expert advice possible. We understand that this is an essential part of your success and it will help you in your quest for the perfect physique. We believe that you should stay up to date on the latest Fitness and Bodybuilding news and we aim to do just that.

Our content is relevant, current and packed with tips that will help you reach your physique goals in the fastest possible time. We always enjoy hearing from you and will aim to answer your questions as best possible here at Vitamin World Coupon

World fitness 24 Atlanta GYM

Welcome to World Metro Atlanta Fitness, Ontario’s premier fitness club and the first of several club’s coming soon to Eastern Oregon. We want to help you make an informed choice when selecting the health club that best meets your needs. That means clearly defining who we are, what we offer, and why we’re uniquely different from other clubs. FOr help with great valued nutrition we recommend a visit to BodyBuilding Promo Code or take a look at VitaminWorld Coupon

At World Fitness, what we offer transcends state-of-the-art equipment, elite personal training, comprehensive programs, and personal amenities. We provide all of these things together with the convenience of 24 hour access, a Kids Club and a non-intimidating environment to make accomplishing your fitness goals as easy, and as fun as possible.

Our members benefit from quality, cutting edge programs, products and facility’s. We educate you about smart, effective forms of exercise. We listen to your needs and provide customized solutions. And we believe in a lifestyle of health and fitness that continues when you walk outside our doors. At World Fitness, we’re committed to helping our members accomplish their fitness goals, one member at a time.

And remember EVERY MEMBER meets with a personal trainer for a free consultation and guest workout! Fitness Metro Atlanta!


Open 24 hours, our members have the ability to work out whenever they can or whenever they want. Our first of (soon to be) 2 Ontario locations.

World Fitness has the area’s best Cardio, Circuit training and Free-weight equipment, that along with a professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff that makes your time at the gym enjoyable again.

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The personal training staff at World Fitness is second to none. With over 15 years of training experience, our educated and knowledgeable trainers will help you get on the path and stay on the path to the new you!!

We’re the Best Value in Fitness!
At World Fitness, we believe that living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Instead of burning your money at other gyms, come to World Fitness and burn your body fat.

Benefits of Nutritional supplements

A few of the most important benefits of nutritional supplements are:

Overcome your nutritional deficiencies. For optimum health you need all the nutrients and vitamins in their proper amounts. It is very difficult, expensive, and impractical to achieve this through diet alone and nutritional supplements help you to fill the gap.
Boost your immune system. With a stronger immune system comes a stronger ability for your body to resist illness and disease. Your have probably taken vitamin C in the past to fight off a cold or flu, and that alone is evidence of the true power of nutritional supplements.
Remove toxins from your body. Every day you are subjected to environmental stress, chemicals and toxins absorbing into your body. These can be particularly damaging to your health. Nutritional supplements such as antioxidants keep these toxins within your body to a minimum.
There are many more benefits that health supplements provide but the main focus is that they help you to achieve optimum, quality health and lower your risk illness and disease. Both very good reasons to take supplements, in my book!

But I have taken nutritional supplements in the past and could barely notice a difference.

One of the most common complaints I hear is that people have tried supplements such as multivitamins before and haven’t noticed any significant difference in their health. There are two problems with this statement:

Most people do not take nutritional supplements seriously. If you buy the first supplement you find in the store without proper research, or opt for the cheapest product on the shelf, then of course you will not notice a difference. To get the best benefit possible from dietary supplements you need to choose the right health supplement to take. Trust me, when you start taking the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements, you will notice a difference.
Your health is not measured by how you feel. Just because you don’t ‘feel’ any different, doesn’t mean that the supplements are not working. Can you ‘feel’ your cholesterol decreasing? Can you ‘feel’ a stronger immune system? Instead of focusing on how you feel, focus on the clarity of mind, the increased focus or libido, and the lack of illness and disease. These are the true measures of a quality nutritional supplement.
To take full advantage of nutritional supplements and what they offer, you must choose the right supplement for your needs. It is only from a serious, informed choice that you can live a fuller, happier, healthier life. So choose wisely.

Bodybuilding helpful ideas

Do you go to the gym, lift weights, and not see any increase in your muscle, but witness guys steadily building muscle by lifting weights? It is the desire of the majority of men, to gain strength and build larger muscles, with an emphasis on the chest and arm areas. Instead of focusing on comparing yourself to other, muscular men at the gym, you should concentrate on what you can do to add bulk and build muscle, to gain definition in the various muscle groups, allowing you to feel attractive and look fit.

It is essential that you first gain some weight, prior to working on building muscle. In order to gain muscle, you will first need to put on some weight. As you are working on gaining weight, it is very important to engage in a regular weight training routine. In this way, you are ensuring that the weight you are gaining will not be gained as fat, but will immediately turn to muscle. Another thing to remember is to take in calories in the form of carbs and protein, as these are considered “good” calories. When you have arrived at a weight that will allow you to bulk up, you can begin to work on building some muscle with some weight lifting.

For those individuals who have not had any experience with body building workouts and muscle building, you will need to first gain an education about how to go about doing this. There are professional trainers available at the gym who can guide you in how to begin a healthy training routine. The benefit of a trainer is that they will suggest a muscle building program for you that is specifically tailored to your body and your needs. More than strength is required for body building, as endurance and perseverance will play a major role. Putting down the roll, and picking up the weights, will be necessary for those individuals determined to gain a body builder appearance.

You will need to be prepared to invest much of your time and effort, as muscle building and defining will not happen without this. You should not expect overnight results, but with the proper diet, and an effective muscle building routine, you will find that you can achieve attractive and well defined muscles. For those individuals who need some guidance, it would be helpful to consult a trainer who can help you discover the best exercises for you to build muscle and get the appearance that you have always wanted.

Increase muscle and self esteem with BodyBuilding

Increasing muscle mass is something that many people are interested in doing, because they want to attain the chiseled body of the stars they see on TV, and the body builders they see in the gym. Weight lifting and a nutritious diet will help you to achieve the desired results, but you should be prepared to put in much time and effort along the way.

Gaining larger muscles and that chiseled look, may not be that difficult for some individuals. Still other individuals will spend many hours working at the gym, and have only a fraction of the body building results to show for it. Each person will build muscle at their own rate, and how much time you will have to invest is not something that can be determined before you begin.

You can expect, however, that if you consistently follow your exercise and diet program, you will begin to observe results. How much muscle any individual is able to build will be based on their own body. It may be quite simple for certain individuals to gain definition and a chiseled look, while others may work extremely hard to achieve even the smallest bit of definition. Initially gaining some weight will be necessary prior to beginning a body building program, because weight is needed so that it can be turned into muscles. Some people may think this is a license for an eating free-for-all, because they will then work it off. This is not the case, although you will need to eat more, but you will need to concentrate on eating the appropriate types of foods.

Adding protein supplements will help you to ensure that you are getting what you need, in conjunction with the right foods, for building muscles. The lean muscle that you desire will be more likely achieved with the help of protein supplements. Beginning with an increase in weight that they gained through eating nutritious foods, has been the positive starting point that has led to the muscle building success of a large number of individuals who then began a body building routine. With determination and perseverance, you can achieve the results that you want from your body building program.


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