Vitamin World Legion Pulse Supplement

The Pulse pre workout by Legion Athletics is one of the hottest products on the market right now due to its focus on natural ingredients for health conscious individuals. It provides a steady supply of energy without the peaks and crashes associated with most other supplements that provide an overdose of stimulants to give you that boosted up feeling. Focusing mostly on beta-alanine and betaine this pre workout supplement will help you work harder in the gym lifting a higher amount of weight for a longer period of time. Most of the ingredients included in this supplement have been proven effective at providing the desired effects while leaving out any unheard of miracle chemicals. Everything is natural so you can feel a little better about taking this product in comparison to some of the other less reliable ones available on the market.Let’s start by talking about some of the included ingredients for Pulse which has created a very effective pre workout supplement utilized by many gym goers today:

  • Citrulline Malate – Increases endurance and reduces fatigue while enhancing respitory performance.
  • Ornithine – Shifts the bodies method of energy production towards fat and away from carbohydrates available in the body. Basically helps to generate energy and performance from fat helping in reduction of fat and lean muscle building.
  • Beta-alanine – Increases amount of weight that can be lifted by reducing the effect of exhaustion on the muscles
  • Theanine – A precursor to nitric oxide production in the body which stimulates vasodialation and delivery of nutrients at a cellcular level. Also increases blood flow to the brain helping mood and motivatin.
  • Caffeine – Because every pre workout supplement needs a little energy to get you going, but not an absurd amount.

I like this pre workout supplement since you won’t find any proprietary blends on the label or artificial flavors and sweeteners. This product is naturally sweetened and has a low amount of calories making it perfect for any diet. This will help you stay focused on your healthy lifestyle and give you the energy and motivation you need to exercise effectively at the gym every day. Most fitness fanatics will turn a blind eye to all of the chemicals and other ingredients that they can’t read on a label just like myself, but when you really take a look at this why are you even consuming it? Just because it makes it easier to get in a good workout I guess, but this can be counter intuitive if what you are consuming is hurting you in the long run. I would recommend that you give this pre workout supplement a try as it should be enough to encourage good exercise and help you work towards your goals. It is definitely a great product but the price tag is a bit high, hopefully that will be fixed in the near future. Legion may change the landscape of pre workout supplements a bit by promoting a more natural ingredients based product. This is especially important since everyone is so careful about what they eat and can’t find a good solution at the store when trying to choose a pre workout. It is difficult to exercise without one due to how busy and tired you are by the end of the day at work so most people will use one regardless of the ingredients. If you are like me and enjoy a little extra focus prior to completing a workout then give this product a shot.

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