2016 Fitness Goals

How are your fitness goals going?

With the start of the New Year comes the inevitable New Year resolutions, where we make all sorts of promises to ourselves to be healthier and get fitter – but why do so many of us find them so hard to stick to? We got some ideas from a Los Angeles personal trainer to help you can buck the ‘New Year new start’ failures of the masses. By following our steps, you can ensure that 2016 truly is the year that you improve your health.

Step 1. Improve your diet

Diet has a massive impact upon our health, in addition to the much publicised benefits of eating well, having a healthy diet also has positive effects on a person’s mental health, allowing them to feel good about themselves, and their body.

How to stick with it throughout 2016: The key to sticking to any change in diet is to make small changes. Factor in an additional piece of fruit or veg on a daily basis, or sign up with a healthy diet food delivery service. That way you can ensure you’re not tempted by those sweet treats that line a supermarket’s aisles.

Step 2. Maintain a healthy mind

Maintaining a healthy mind is half the battle in healthy living, yet it is often overlooked. By ensuring that your stress levels are as low as they can be, you can ensure that your mood is maintained at a good level, and your body will benefit benefit from reduced blood pleasure and those all important endorphins.

How to stick with it throughout 2015: Sometimes factoring in ‘you time’ can seem impossible and a million ‘to dos’ can get in the way. The only way to avoid this is to continue to bear in mind how important it is. That sock sorting can wait, your mental health can’t.

Step 3. Attend a regular exercise class

Exercise classes come in all shapes and sizes, from the strenuous for the super fit, to fun Zumba classes for the fitness beginner, and fantastic ‘combo’ classes. By undertaking a little research you can find the one that is perfect for your fitness level.

How to stick with it throughout 2015: Join up with a friend! That way you can motivate one another, and pull the other one up if they mysteriously don’t turn up one week! Alternatively, you could hire a male or female personal trainer who will help to keep you motivated.

Step 4. Kick, or at least curb, those damaging habits

Everyone has bad habits, from smoking, to drinking a little too much on the weekend, cutting down on your bad habit will help your body make more of the other steps you are taking towards improving your health.

How to stick with it throughout 2015: Sometimes it’s just unrealistic to expect to kick any or all of your bad habits just like that. If you don’t feel completely confident you can do it, set reasonable goals that you know you can achieve.

Step 5. Stick at it!

The number one reason for failure for those that start a new diet, go on a health kick, or both, is that people put too much pressure on themselves to succeed and failure to meet what are actually really strict goals. By aiming for impossible goals you only set yourself up failure, and, worse still, this failure is usually followed by a bout of serious comfort eating. This can all mean that a person actually gains weight, and ends up feeling even worse than they did before; it is indeed a vicious cycle.

How to stick with it throughout 2015: Try, try and try again, don’t get disheartened and most importantly of all, don’t get stuck in the biscuit binge cycle.

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